Saturday, December 9, 2017

John Ayars Grice

Please welcome John Ayars Grice born at 3:57 pm, weighing 8.25#, and 21" long. :)
He is my third nephew. :)

Not too happy about entering this world it seems!

Cuddling with Daddy

First time seeing baby brother!

We watched the three kids for Ryan and Kelsey. :)

Gift bags

Grace and I made molasses cookies, pumpkin bread, and caramel popcorn to give to our neighbors and friends. :)

Caramel for caramel popcorn

Caramel popcorn

Just a quick note to say that Sandy is pregnant! God is so good!


A cold front moved in and it is SO cold out!! At least for me who is cold-blooded. :D

Talitha's hide came back from the tannery!

KK, video taping the snow. :)

It was so pretty!

Joseph was throwing 'snowballs' at KK. :D

The littles looking at the snow (Emmie took most of theses pictures).


Normal morning routine

I sent in a milk sample to see it Sandy is pregnant! If she is pregnant she will be due on July 30-31st, 2018. :)

New room

Emmie and I moved out of our room so that we could work on the ceiling.

We moved into the guest room. There was a mouse storing popcorn around the room. :P

Josh helped us set up our new bunk bed and carry heavy things. :)

Even though the room is small, we got pretty much everything in there!

A cold front moving in!

Emmie set up some of her winter decorations. :)

Birthday Party

Valeria's family did a surprise birthday party for her. :D
She loves jello cake, so her family asked Daddy to make one for her. :)

And a chocolate cake. ;)

Daddy also made some jello trays 

Valeria, after we sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. :D

Lois' dog had puppies! They are so cute! <3