Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More pictures of Gus :)

First time meeting Bodie :)


Emmie getting decorations ready

The man power, for moving the heavy stuff

Waiting for something to do

Sam making the sugar and creamer dishes

Dad making the gravy

Potatoes, Aunt Carol made these and they were SO good!

I helped to pull the meat off seven turkeys. I was dreaming about pulling the meat with Jingle Bells running through my mind. I woke up tired that day!


All set!

Emmie made these pumpkin pies, they were yummy

Chupp's also made some pies. :)

Sam and Anthony served food

As did a few others :P

We played Roger Bennett's CD 'Midnight Meditations'

Well, here are some of the leftovers. :) 

Josh stitching up his coveralls. He did a really good job! His stitches are amazing!

Another doe KK shot

We had the Fanton family stay at our house this week and some of last week, they will be moving into our Church's apartment next Monday! :)

KK got in my picture... We were having pizza that night :P

KK and Mom

Nieces and Nephew

The barn is almost completely painted on this side. :)

KK with a little doe he shot


Having fun with Uncle KK

Drinking hot chocolate with Aunt Emmie

Red tongues from Kool Aid. :) 

Emmie re-arranged our room, with a little help from Mom, KK, and I.



Eating doughnuts while Emmie, Mom, and I got the Church ready for a Thanksgiving meal we were gonna have for the community.


Carrots and a sewing day

I planted some fall carrots. They turned out really nice! I made carrot soup and a carrot dessert with them. Yummy!

All these carrots grew together in a bunch like this. I guess we got too many seeds in that hole!

KK's buck's antlers. :)


Mommy entertaining Alaina

Making a blanket

Kelsey and Lois

Silly Lois! Love ya! :)


Alaina and I

'Linus' from A Charley Brown Christmas :) :)

Lots of quilt blocks. We will be giving them to another Church who will make them into quilts and send them to Christian Aid Ministries. :)