Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Visiting Grandma

All wrapped up for the cold. :)

Gramps (Gram's husband) was in the navy. Here are a few pictures of him, his shipmates, and other ships. 

Gramps is on the far left


U.S.S. Saratoga 

Getting a hair cut

We went to see my Grandma (Dad's mom) and show her Patrick. :)

Kels, John, and Grandma


Grice family members

We stopped for some McDonalds on the way home. :)

New Years

Making caramel
We had a bunch of people from Church over for New Years

A bunch of snacks


Playing catch phrase


Some of our Christmas presents. :)

Mom got Emmie and I new comforters for our beds. They are very nice!

On Christmas morning we had a yummy breakfast and lots of family fun at Gram's house.

Aunt Carol making pancake batter

Gingerbread man and stacked cinnamon rolls. :)

Pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.

Josh and Ben did dishes with Emmie

Playing yard Yahtzee 

Brie with Kiaya

Mommy made us candy bags

Playing with Kiaya

Virginia, Patrick, and Nate

The Christmas Cactus bloomed

Joseph heard little John crying so he climbed into bed with him and they both went back to sleep. <3

Alaina got into some vaseline and smeared it all over in her hair. :O

Ry and Kels used soap and cornstarch to get it out. :D

All the grandkids!

It was FREEZING cold during the last week of December and beginning of January. The boys helped me with chores so the I wasn't out in the cold too long.

On January 1st we had our official family Christmas breakfast. It was nice. :)

Nate and Gin provided most of the breakfast for us. It was YUMMY! Thank you, guys!

Strawberry banana smoothies

Irish eggs

Cheddar herb and onion biscuits 

Walmart cinnamon rolls (SO GOOD!)

Apple and pineapple ham

Alaina had my phone