Friday, October 27, 2017

My Animals


The big bull

Gus and Fess


Big nose

Gus with his dad

Enjoying the sunshine


Gus likes to eat my cloths. :P


No water!

We organized Gram's storage unit and while doing that found lots of old pictures. This one is Ryan and Nate. Ry is on the left and Nate is on the right.

Enjoying the sunshine

Opal, my constant companion <3

Fall leaves

A beautiful storm

On Monday I cleaned up all the tomatoes and their cages because we had a frost warning.

Tomatoes, peppers, and fodder beets

Emmie took this picture 

And this one

Ok, so for just over a week we have not had water. Our well went dry. :( It has been quite the experience! I never realized how much water we use. We've been taking showers and doing laundry at Church.

Yucky sand and silt

Many families from Church let us borrow their water coolers. <3

We are bucket flushing the toilets

Boiling water for dishes and to wash the milking machine.

Daddy making a yummy dinner

Sam needs a hair cut. :)

On Tuesday I spent about 12 hours at Church. I deep cleaned the milker...

Washed eggs

And cut up and froze tomatoes and peppers. Can I use the word 'and' again?? :D

Emmie came around one to take a shower at Church and help me with the vegetables. She made us coffee. :)

Mommy made a yummy dinner, but Emmie and I were still working at Church. So around 8 o'clock sweet Daddy brought us some dinner. 

Valeria invited me to go with her to Atlantic. :)

She got us Chai Lattes and Lindor Chocolates. Yummy!

Trying on scrubs!

This shirt made me chuckle