Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guessing Game prize...

I sent Marian and Simon their prizes!

They got it!

Marian got some paint, a sweater, and an orchid with her gift card. :)
I haven't heard what Simon got yet. :)

Couples night

A bunch of us girls helped with the decorations and food at a couples night for the couples in our Church. It was fun! :)

Some of us

The theme was 'Seasons of life'
Mom and Dad were 'Empty Nesters'

Loren and Kelly were 'First House'

Ryan and Kelsey were 'Newly Weds'

Don and Mabel were 'Grandma and Grandpa'

Leon and Emma were 'First Baby'


Sweet baby Alaina


KK and I went to Atlantic in a snow storm. It was fun! :)

Looking out Emmie and I's bedroom window

Barn Cleaning

The chicken coop needed cleaned badly! So I got to work!

Pine shavings

Looks like fun for the chickens!

They like it play in the sawdust

Hallway in need of a good sweep

KK helped me clean up the barn. He did a great job. It would have taken me a LONG time! From start to finish I was working in the barn for about five hours.

We hadn't cleaned it for about three weeks.

Ah, much better!!

First day

I decided to try soaking the chicken's feed. They seem to like it. I am also giving them beet pellets with it. They don't like the beets. :P

I covered the feed with some pantyhose. :)

Day two

About four days

I also organized my area of the basement. Being that I won't be milking for a while, I put away a bunch of the milking supplies.

Some wheat bread I made

Josh was painting at a job :)