Saturday, May 23, 2020

Photo Shoot, gardening, chores

Her eyes <3 <3

I was cleaning out the chicken waterers and dropped this one into the dirty water! Yuck!

KK had just mowed and Riley ran through it... hence the green feet! :D


Beautiful clover!

The white turkeys enjoying their first time outside

munch munch munch...

"What was that?!?"

KK and Riley helped me weed the garden. Thank you KK!

I switched the turkeys around so that I could get the white turkeys in and out easier.

Happy in their new pen

Watching the turkeys together. :)

Aren't they huge?!?

Emmie sweetly helped me weed this garden. Thank you Em!



Chicks Hatching

My precious baby! <3

Just over a week old!

All ready to hatch!


One pipped!

Potatoes are coming up

Beans are too!

The studio apartment is coming along nicely!

Batch #1

Batch #2

This one hatched 4 days after the first one hatched!

I ended up with 15 chicks. :)