Saturday, March 21, 2020

Baby Turkeys!

Got my turkeys!

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Hatching Eggs

Gin made this and took the picture. Looks amazing!

Turkey and Playing outside

A wet puppy

Singing Bible School songs

I am teaching Riley to hold my gloves for me while I get ready to go outside. :)

Green grass!! Hurray!

Dad and I cooked this huge turkey. :)

Caught another rat!

I sold some of my old hens. :)

Getting ready for my turkeys!

Sweet Opal. She is 11 years old!

Sleepy dog

Played fetch for a while

Then got a bath

Much better!

Fluffy bum. :D

Chocolate Muffins

Mommy got me some chocolate muffins! She's so sweet! <3

Patrick and Riley playing in the leaves. :)

Can you find the corgi? :D

Alaina drew this picture for KK.

And wrote some J's for Josh.

Riley and I dropping off feed at the barn

Lots of eggs!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Little people, eggs, Riley

Riley sleeping on some dirty rags. :)

A pretty large, but normal egg

An extra extra large egg!

Brie came over with some of her dogs to give Riley some birthday presents and cake. 

Sweet sisters. 1 year old!

She killed her poor turkey!

The littles loved the fact that they could pet most of these chickens. 

Joseph is very good with chickens. :)

Alaina has overcome her fear of roosters and now enjoys collecting eggs. She's so precious!

Throwing bad eggs. 

I made Riley a birthday cake of peanut butter and whipped topping.

She also opened her presents that Brie gave her. Sorry for the mess in the background. Been a busy week!

Alaina and John slept with me. :)

Our local feed store has chicks now!

I caught a rat in my new cage! So happy about that!

March... :O

Hot chocolate

Gave Riley a bath... not sure what went wrong! :D

A tornado in March (JK, it was just smoke)!


My pretty girl. <3