Monday, July 31, 2017

Meet Pumpkin

On July 30th at 4:49 p.m. Sandy had a little heifer calf!

I am so excited about a heifer!

Poor tired mommy...

First time milking her! It went quite well! She only kicked once!

Two gallons of thick yellow colostrum. :)

Here she is today

What a sweet little pumpkin! I named her Pumpkin because when I was talking with her (I talk to my animals...) that name just kept coming to my lips. :)

Gus had to be involved!

Mommy love

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Normal days in July

Good morning!

Poor microwave 

Stuff for Sandy...

A sermon Ryan preached 

Shucking corn


Blanching the corn

Cutting the corn off the cob

A group of us went to the Galaxy store...


Oh dear... two Mommy's finding deals. :P

This picture was taken for my brothers... :)

My sweet little brother Sam, took Emmie and I out for lunch. <3

Oh dear... look at my garden! Someone has been lazy!

All done!

This garden was REALLY weedy!

Aw! <3

Handsome little dude!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Just normal life

A roof the boys worked on.

All done!

Daddy stepped in some gum :P

We had the Fanton's over for the evening. :)

Chocolate pie

Emmie and KK


It's so good to see her eating again!

Lots of eggs :)

My fodder beets

Tomatoes and peppers

Poor apple tree! It has way to much fruit on it!

Mommy's flowers

KK and Sam cleaned out this shed and put gravel in it.


Joseph catching fireflies. :)

Joseph playing with Watson

The boys, being boys

The next morning we went to Sweet Joy. It was nice. :)

Gram's breakfast

My breakfast

KK pretending to be like Mom. :P

Mom, Emmie, and I went into town to just look around at different stores. We looked at some mattresses for Emmie. :)

We also got some cookies...

And dinner! :P