Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Newcastle Singin' Hinnies

Here is a little history about 'Newcastle Singin' Hinnies'.

"The origins of the traditional scone-like griddle cake called a Singin’ Hinny is easily identified. Hinney is the pronunciation of " honey " in the north east of England around Sunderland, Newcastle and through to Northumberland. It is a term of endearment used usually to and about women and children.
The singing part of the name is when the caked are cooked in a hot flat griddle pan, as they hit the pan, the butter and lard starts to sizzle and 'sing'"

I had to add extra milk because the dough was too dry. I am not sure why that happens in most recipes that I make from England or Ireland. Maybe it's our flour? It's a mystery to me!

I made these for Mom, Sam, and I to eat for lunch.

Cut the butter and lard in



All rolled out! I added chocolate chips instead of fruit. The are so much better!! :)

All ready to be cooked!

Melting butter


Would you look at that butter!

Melting butter!

Mom and Sam really liked them so I think that it was a successful lunch!

Daily Life... and some extras

Here is just a glimpse of my daily life. Enjoy!

I try to refill and rinse Talitha's water every once in a while to keep it from getting gross. :)

The buckets are there to catch some of the water that sprays out of the hose and pump.

Of course, manure clean up. :)

The garden is doing very well! I am praying we get a really good crop.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Milking Stanchion

My Dad and brothers Josh and Sam built me a stanchion!! Hurrah!!! They did a great job! She has been in it several times and is getting used to it.

Our family business trailer. :)

Josh making a stepping stool for Talitha.

Dad and Sam making a doorway for me.

Josh wanted to see if Sam and I could lift the stepping stool. We could. :)

The head gates are original to the barn. It is neat to be using a small piece of history!

Getting wood

All hands on deck!

Talitha did great! She was a little scared to come in at first, but after a little coaxing she walked in. The sweet feed really helped! :) This video is of her backing out.

She is such a sweet girl! I am starting a schedule with her... At 7 p.m. she has to get into the stanchion, then again at 7 a.m.. That way she will be ready for milking! I am afraid she will not let her milk down for me. But God will help me if that happens! It is a good time to learn how to trust Him more!

That board keeps her from backing out of my reach. :)

Side view!

This is a video of me trying to get her into the stanchion alone! :) He he! I did get her in after I turned the video off.

All right, I guess thats all for now! Blessings to each and everyone as you serve our King, Jesus!! He deserves it all!