Monday, April 13, 2020

Communion and Fellowship

My babies are growing up so fast!
Sold all of these cuties. More coming this week!

The boys are making the studio into an apartment. It's gonna be really nice!

Josh is such a hard worker. <3

Lilacs are blooming!

Gardens are ready to plant!

I just love violets and dandelions!

We had Gram over for some biscuits & gravy and tea

Warming his feet. :)

A mini communion

My guard dog

Dad gave Riley some stale fish crackers. :D

Walmart is a new experience!

Two weeks worth of groceries! God is good!

Graden prep!

I moved the turkeys into the barn because they were flying out of their pen in the garage. :)

There were SO many weeds and grass in the garden! Sam mowed it for me. :)

What do I do with all this chicken manure?

Riley helping me weed the strawberry patch.

All done!

We put the weeds and grass into the chicken coops. :)

Got Riley some washable diapers for when she is in heat. They are SO nice!

Highly recommend them!

Someone got into my bed. <3

Seeds and Social Distancing

I miss these guys! :'( So precious!

Snow... what?!?

Coffee on a cold morning

Got some Red Broilers from Welp Hatchery

There were three of them that were almost dead because they were so cold. But only one didn't make it! So that was good!

Warming up!

I just LOVE chicks! <3 <3

Church and Bible study from home has been very interesting!

The boys put this door in. Which is SO nice! I hated having to go outside to get into this coop. Now I can just walk in!

I love these guys! Such sweethearts!


Opal got in the house. She was very pleased with herself!

Planted some old seeds. We shall see if they grow!

I put them in the incubator. Hopefully they like it!

Mom and I walked over the Gram's house for a visit with her, Aunt Carol, and Uncle Bernie. It was nice to see everyone!

My precious baby. <3 <3