Monday, December 30, 2019


Rain, my favorite thing!

Cleaning the chicken coop!

Riley was helping me! 

Sand and oyster shells

She doesn't want a bath!

Save me!

All clean!

Taking a nap on my lap

So pretty!

Helping me blog

Keeping my feet warm

Watching Ireland pictures and videos


The boys were pouring some cement on our driveway and Riley was running through it. After I caught her I had to quickly wash her paws off. Naughty little girl!

All clean

Dad telling me what to do with some roasts.

Harvested the carrots

Riley likes to eat and shred carrots

Orange hands

Tent Meetings, Broilers

Dad and I took our broilers in to be butchered. :)

Some breakfast/lunch

Look at those beauties! 


I am ordering from another hatchery this year because I would like to see more uniform weights.

Emmie and some of our friends took a walk to Church. It was so pretty outside!

Pretty sunrise

Tea in my new mug Emmie got me.

She said she didn't even know that it said this on the other side. :D


Sweet Joy!

Extreme Toffee Frappe and a bacon wrap

Setting up for tent meetings!


It was raining so hard! :D

The boys rigged up a gutter to go along the doorway

After tear down we played foursquare!