Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Katelyn's Birthday

We dressed Riley up in a dress. :) She was so cute!

Weeded the strawberry patch

I planted some carrots, but it has rained so much that I'm afraid they won't grow... :(

I also planted beets, squash, pumpkins, and cantaloupe. 

Tomato plants too

Littles <3

John was playing with a tractor in the dryer :P

Katelyn opening her presents. :) She is six! 

Corndogs with chili

Blowing out her candles
She had cheese cake for her 'cake'

Getting excited

Anyone want eggs? I am selling some old ones for $.75 a dozen. Contact me through my website if you are interested

Can you find the turkeys? :P

A bunch of us youth went down to a tunnel just for fun. :)

Some pretty flowers

Sam and Markus (if I spelled your name wrong, please let me know) created a dam inside the tunnel. 

The road washed out by the Zook's house. It was pretty impressive. :)

Look at the rock layers!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ireland trip

We are planning another trip to Ireland! We are going in September. :)

Sweet Puppy!

More chicks for sale! Check them out on here:

My hens enjoying dusting in the new sawdust 

My turkeys are growing SO fast!

A yummy chocolate chip cookie

Mom, Dad, Opal, and Riley

Her eyes are just so sweet!

<3 <3

Mother's Day

We had a nice Sunday breakfast for everyone at Church. 
It was very filling! 

One of the girls at Church created the decor for the tables. She did a great job!

We then had a mini Church service. :)

We then gave our Mother's blessings

Ry gave a sort sermon