Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First fruits...

A beautiful sun rise!


I know I put this picture on here already... :)
Talitha is now (as of June 19th) four months pregnant! So exciting! Her calf is about as big as a large cat. :) Left hand side are her stomaches and the right hand side is where her uterus is. 

Some of the corn is still very short, but it's tasseling! I hope it isn't too soon!

The beets are almost ready to be picked

We got a few 'new potatoes' out of the potato patch today and cooked them up. They were YUMMY!

I know it is late, but I finally got some tomato plants planted. The other day Sam helped me plant some pumpkins. I hope the squash bugs don't kill them!

I let Sam pull up one carrot, onion, and beet for his breakfast. I dug some potatoes for him.

God knows how to make things look so pretty!

Life at the Grice's house

The little girl on the right is my niece Katelyn. The other two are Amy and Tanya. They were trying to 'feed the cow grass', but they didn't want to get licked... :P

Emmie and I are trying to walk every day. :)

Soy beans

Mom and I :) I love my Mommy!

Dad got a grill for Father's day!

Joseph shooting a rubberband. 

Sweet baby Alaina

Sam and I hilled some of the potatoes when it was in the 90*! Bad idea!

I thought I would be sunburnt but, I don't think I ever did. Maybe just a little on my nose. :)

Hot little boy!

Buddy is growing fast!!

A little kitty that one of our cleaning clients owns.


Cattle, gardening, eggs, and beautiful evenings

Talitha enjoying some sweet feed

Little Buddy


The garden was suffering pretty bad from the lack of rain. But now that it has rained it is doing better! Praise the Lord!

Eggs and a carrot I on accident pulled up while weeding.


The potatoes are doing VERY well!

Poor sad carrot!

Washing eggs

This egg was HUGE!

Enjoying God's creation

Mommy's flowers (these are my favorite!)

'Sacrifice of Praise' Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sacrifice of Praise (SOP) is a three day event where we learn to sing about 15 songs really good then go and sing them on Sunday for the local Church and then in the evening we have an outreach singing (for example, other Churches, nursing home). It is a lot of work, but we really enjoy going!

On the way to Wyoming we stopped at Arby's and I thought the stack of sandwiches on this sign looked like a sandwich man. :)

Eating lunch

Our song leader was Benjamin Good (he's in the blue shirt and tan pants on the far right). 

We had two children's songs in the program. So here we are resting our legs while the children sing.

Emmie's song book.

Here we are warming up our voices before the Sunday morning program.

Waiting to be told where or what to do (we are now at the nursing home and it is Sunday afternoon)

Warming up!

All in all it was a huge blessing and encouragement to me and I believe it was also to the people we sang for. The elderly folks really really enjoyed it!