Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Hilling Potatoes

Mom and I hilled the potatoes

Opal and Riley watched

All done!


Lots of manure! Want any?

I turned around and saw this... my broilers got out! :D :D

Mice chewed the plug for this... so I plug it with a rag.

Very happy bird!

Playing with the hose

Ducklings playing in the pool

Taking the fridge up to the studio

Cleaned the duck pen

Look at this cutie!

I'm raising her and her sister for a friend. :)

Josh's Birthday and Puppies

Sam, Riley and I went and got chairs from Ryan's.

Blowing bubbles with Grandma

Pretty flowers

Virginia's apple pie <3

Kiaya had six adorable puppies! If you're interested in on you can find them on Facebook and Instagram "Short Corgi Tales" or on my website Red Barn Clutch

Broilers out to pasture!

Josh made me a light weight chicken tractor for my birthday! I am so happy! :) Thank you Josh!

Aw! <3

Bringing in the turkeys

56 eggs!

Patrick taking Riley for a walk

Playing fetch

Opal and Riley enjoying the nice weather

Look at this! So nice!

Waiting to go out to the pasture!

My sweet old hen. She is around 10 years old and is getting a little weak, so I feed and water her on top of the nesting box. <3 <3

Tiny egg

Giant egg

All ready to go!

And... look what I caught!

KK removed it for me. Thanks Oats!

On our way back from the post office with these chicks, we stopped to let the littles have a peak. :)

50 chicks

My lone survivor <3

Dad picked up two ducklings to keep my lone survivor company. They really like each other!

I moved these guys into another pen so we could...

move the tractor out to the pasture and put broilers in it! Thank you boys for carrying it out for me!

Cleaned up after the turkeys

Mom sweetly helped me take all the broilers out to the chicken tractors. Thank you Mom!

Plymouth Rock