Friday, August 31, 2018

Church Picnic

Sweet John taking a nap

Setting up the food

Flying the drone

Sweet little brother

We put a water balloon in the sheet then threw it over the net the other team would try to catch it. It was fun!

My phone got hijacked!

Look at John's legs! They're so fat!!

Emmie and KK made some fried ice cream


Nate made this picture of Patrick. He did not appreciate the winter coat!

Mud Puddles

Watching Emmie cook

Alaina making phone calls

I like taking the littles out to play in the rain or mud puddles. :) I loved doing it as a child and still do.

Wonder where his little feet will go in life. 
Jesus, please keep them on the straight and narrow way.

Some of us girls went swimming. There was a beautiful sunset!


Sweet Life

Sweet Patrick is growing up so fast!

Back row left to right: Uncle Tony, Aunt Carol, Uncle Bernie, and Uncle Mike
Front Row left to right: Mom, Uncle Larry (my Grandpa's brother), and Gram
Uncle Larry came to visit us and it was a such a sweet reminder of Gramps (he passed away seven years ago). <3

Some more family

I took a walk in the rain, which was lovely!


I think I need to stop going to McDonalds. :P


Gus will be going to the butcher on September 18th... I am kinda sad about it. :'(

Josh's bridge 

Precious Alaina