Friday, February 24, 2017


A dear friend of ours was getting married, so we decided to go a day or so earlier so we could help out with any wedding preparations. :)

Coffee is a must...

We arrived at our hotel in that evening. I slept really good! The bed I was in was really comfortable! :P

Mom and Emily looking at wedding cards
The next day a bunch of us girls worked on decorations and ironing tablecloths. 

The day of the wedding arrived!

All ready for guests!

Head table

Saying their vows

The sweet couple!

Brian's family, now Brianna's family too! :)

Eating lunch!

Chili and cake! Can it get any better?

Emily and the Bride

More friends and cousins!

On our way home! Our cousins and Aunt followed us most of the way home. :)

This truck was a little over loaded!


Last week KK had really bad chest pain so Mom and Dad took him to the hospital. It turns out he had four blood clots, two in each of his lungs! Poor guy was in a lot of pain for a while. Thankfully he is doing much better. The doctors think the blood clots came from his legs. There is a blood disorder that runs in our family called Factor V. I am not quite sure how to explain it, but I guess the simplest is that his blood is too thick. They are testing him for Factor V and if he has it he may have to be on blood thinners all his life. 

During all of this with KK I was kinda stressed out, because I had just said goodbye to Talitha and life was just giving me the 'one-two'! Well I was taking this feed out to the chickens and it dumped all over the floor. I had to take a deep breath, pray, and clean it up!

Church, Birthday, Sleep over, and Goodbye

Daddy preached a sermon and he put the lineage of King's of Israel/Judah and Jesus on the walls with the meaning of each persons name. It was so neat!

T.J. had a birthday! :)

Too cute!

Telling a story...

I clean this office every other week on Friday. It was very dirty this time! They are a cattle and farming company, so it gets dirty fast!

All of us girls at Church had a sleepover. :) We put battery powered tea lights in our eyes. It looked really funny!

It was also quite cold, so we wrapped up in blankets! :)

Each of us brought something for supper.

Everything was very good!

The next morning we had cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast!

Emily bought a bunch of candy...

To make this!

Saying goodbye to Lois. We'll miss you, Lois!!!