Friday, September 30, 2016

Clotted cream and hay

I decided to make some clotted cream...

This is the uncovered clotted cream (which I liked better)

Leftover whey

This is the covered clotted cream, which I thought didn't have as much flavor as the uncovered

Yummy goodness!

Only one cup of whey from 1 quart of cream

Trying it on a scone... It was very similar to browned butter

We got the last of our winter hay. This is a huge pile of alfalfa/grass mix hay.

Flakes of hay

It was so hot! KK and Sam were a BIG help!

All done! There were 5 800# bales of hay in here. We carried it all up into the loft!

Clean up

Lovely hay

We put some of it down here in the hallway so I could feed Buddy some.

I weened Buddy on Saturday (September 24th). He mooed for about two days, but now I think he's learning to accept life as it is.

A squirrel!

Because we weened Buddy, I had to start milking again.

Everything had to be cleaned up and organized

Looking better!

KK and Josh made the lower side board swing on a hinge so that I can get to Talitha's udder better. Thank you boys! <3 <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New chicks and glasses appointment

Two new Araucana chicks!

I bought them for Sam as an early birthday gift. :)

Some pretty roadside flowers

Daddy getting his eyes checked

KK and I

I had my eyes dilated, so I had to wear sunglasses. KK let me use his.

We took Grandma out for her birthday. :) This was her dessert.

We got 26 new laying hens 

The white ones are California whites and the black ones are California grays

A pretty storm

Mr. Bodie

He likes to eat the food Talitha leaves in the feeder :)

Our rooster

Getting bigger!


The chicks are getting their wings


More hay!

At the Griswold Care Center they served red punch...

It was very strong and stained EVERYTHING!

Opal enjoying some catnip

Sam and Bodie

I feel bad, because Sam really wants to pet and love on Bodie, but I don't want Bodie to be very friendly when he gets bigger. I want him respectful of us.

I've been giving him sweetfeed and cracked corn, which he enjoys