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I'll try and update it when anything new happens. :P

December 29th
Yummy homegrown chicken cooked in my Instant Pot! :) Yum yum!

June 3rd
Finally! Broilers are gone! :P

May 30th

May 12th and 13th

May 8th and 9th
They are eating around 10 gallons of feed a day. :)

April 24th
Broilers are getting bigger!

I'm trying to figure out a better feeding system. I need bigger feeders, but can't afford them right now. We'll see what I can work out! :)

March 27th
Josh and I drove out to Duncan's Poultry to get our feed and chicks!

75 Chicks:
$1.09 each
Total $81.57

1,800# or 36 50# feed sacks
$12.90 each
Total: $464.40

Chick supplies:
$9.04 for two heat lamp bulbs
$4.99 for one bag of pine shavings
$21.38 for two new heat lamps

Grand total: $581.16
Price per chicken: $7.75

January 14th
I ordered from Duncan's Poultry 100 broiler chicks and 1,800# of feed

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