Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Ok ok! I know this isn't Talitha, but I had to put it on! :) :) KK is so funny!

I have been tying Talitha out so that I don't have to give her hay all year round.

She does well with the ropes, not getting tangled in them.

Breakfast for Supper

Breakfast for supper is one of my favorite meals! It is so yummy! Try it sometime if you haven't already. :)


Eggs all done


We put chips into our pancakes. :)


Hash browns (store bought)

My supper!! Oh so yummy!


My sweet brother, Josh, finally got our garden tilled!

Now, time to dig deep!

We also have been doing a lot of work on our yard this year so KK was tilling up the ground so we could plant grass.

Isn't it pretty??

KK (Caleb)

Potato rows


Planting grass

We planted marigolds at the end of each row for markers.

Watson looking for shade

After I emptied the sack Watson climbed in! Ah! Shade!

Mommy, planting onions. They are her specialty! :)

Emmie, planting green beans. She is not an out doors person, but she helps me sometimes in the garden. She is a gem!

All done!

KK tilling

It was a lot of work, but so nice to have it done!

Talitha and Cats

Opal likes to sit up on these posts and I think watch for rabbits and mice. Watson decided to get up too. Opal sits there so still you might not even notice her. Watson wiggles and squirms. He probably scared everything away. :) 

I am trying to keep a picture journal of Talitha, so I can watch for any changes. I found out that she was bred later in the year. So she should have her calf in July or August.  :( :)



My 'little' girl

Pizza Roll-Ups

Pizza Roll-Ups are made from biscuit dough and pizza toppings. :) It is lots quicker than yeast when you have three hungry guys coming home for lunch. I do reduce the butter, just to make it a little better for you.

Here is my biscuit dough

Bacon for a topping

Turkey for another topping

I made one roll-up with pizza sauce and the other with ranch dressing.

Ranch Dressing

Sorry, I never did take a picture of the pizza sauce roll-up... :(

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bakewell Tart and Scones

Some more English recipes! Enjoy!

Almonds, flour, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, milk, cherry jam, and almond flavoring...

I had only whole almonds so I ground them. They were quite coarse but worked. :)

This is what it should look like... we'll see...

Ground almonds

My Aunt told me that if you use a food processor on scones they puff nicely, so I thought, why not try it on this??

WOW! It is so much easier than trying to do it by hand or cutting the butter in.

I have never made such pretty pie dough in my life.

The pie dough went into the fridge for 30 minutes.

Eggs and sugar

Beat the eggs and sugar until the eggs turn a pale yellow.

Now mix in the butter, almonds, and almond flavoring.

Roll the pie crust...

Put it in a greased pie pan. Spread cherry jam all over the bottom of it...

Pour in your egg mixture

Now just stand back and make sure you put everything in it that should be in it. One time I forgot to add cinnamon to cinnamon rolls. He he!!! Can it get any better than that??

I put some foil over the top for the last few minutes of cooking because it was getting to dark on top.

All done! It was yummy! Caleb kept eating it... thats a good sign.

Now for some scones. They've never really risen for me, more often than not turning into hockey pucks. :)

Making scones!

What a mess!

Looks good so far!

Oh wow! THANK YOU AUNTY!! Now I can make nice scones!

I thought some English scones with shamrocks in the background would be pretty! I'm mostly half Irish half English. :)

Apple butter and butter

Caleb and Opal. He was writing her name on the deck with a pencil. :)