Sunday, August 9, 2020

Freezing Corn

A beautiful tomato

My peppers are doing great this year!

Eating some sweet corn

She was almost more tired out than us! 

The hens LOVED the corn cobs!

Clean lamb pen

The ducks went to a new home. :)

Mr. Lamb

Potatoes, Turkeys, Visit

Got my beans weeded, well, at least somewhat. :)

Dirty puppy

I was a little muddy too! :)

Glad I had gloves on!

After a bath

This garden needs work too. :P

Two bags of broiler feed

Mom and I weeded this...

Hanging up Mom's bird feeder

Very dirty waters and feeders

All done!

Look at those eyes! <3

Hard boiling a bunch of eggs

Happy ducks

Digging up some of the potatoes

Taking a short walk

Had Gram over for tea. <3

Silly girl!