Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tent Meetings

Our sleepy little town in Iowa. :)

Inside the tent
Sorry I don't have many pictures. It was one of the most relaxed tent meetings we have ever had! Thank You, Lord!

Poor littles were sick with colds.

We finished off the weekend with a youth singing.

How hard this is to say and truly mean it with all my heart.

But, with the help of my Father, I can say 'Thy will be done'!

The bean fields are so so pretty!



You can see a video of the calves playing by clicking on this link...

Calf sharing is so nice!

I deceded to take some pictures of my chickens, because it seems like each spring almost all of them get killed by some nasty creature! So pray with me that they will live longer than all our other chickens! :P In the picture on the far left there is an old black and white hen (not the one walking)  who has made it through at least two massacres. :) She's one tough bird!

We have been trying to catch all the lovely little mice who are making a HUGE amount of noise in Emmie and I's bedroom walls. :) We have caught at least 7 so far!

Anyone interesting in some fodder beets?

Josh and T.J. painting trim

Sweet Mommy and Daddy

Gram and I had a long day of ancestry research. :) It was fun! My grandma is a sweetheart! Such a blessing to me!

Anyone wanna go with me?!?!?

Wedding Music!

My sister-in-law's sister was getting married and I was asked to make some caramel popcorn for her wedding. :)

Bubbling away!

Yum! 20 gallons of caramel popcorn!

THE day arrived with clouds and threats of rain, but all in all a beautiful day!

The bride and groom's youngest sisters were flower girls. 

<3 <3 <3

Grandparents praying for the couple

Ben and KK were putting spoons over their eyes. :P



Some of the girls did up the couple's car very nicely, but the rain washed a lot of it off! So they had to redo it. :(

Getting ready to throw bird seed at the couple

I decided this was a safe place to stand! I really didn't want bird seed on me!

The groom's hat kept most of the bird seed out of his collar. :) It was rather funny!

Family saying goodbye

Cleaning up!

Playtime afterwards :)