Thursday, June 27, 2019

Joseph's Birthday

Sleepy puppy

Find the puppy...

My turkeys are getting big!

Riley and I weeded the garden and cleaned animal pens. :) It was a busy day!

This garden was SO full of weeds and grass!

After three days of work...

Freeing my carrots

First tomato!


My lambs' bellies were very full, but they still wanted to eat their lamb pellets. :P

These two are getting big!

Riley had to get a bath after helping me in the garden. She was SO dirty!

All clean but super tired!

Alaina is the only grandkid who can control Riley. :D


Making doughnuts with Emmie

Joseph's birthday party!

Doesn't Kels do an amazing job decorating her kids birthday cakes?

:D :D

Opening presents

When I am sitting in the rocking chair, Riley likes to sit with her front over my foot and her back feet on the ground. :P

Put my turkeys outside! :)

Some of the broilers got put in the barn

Oliver and Felicity watching/following me

Saying 'hi' to the lambs

The young broilers needed more space badly.

Lots of room!

Lambs still following me

Turkeys enjoying the grass



This guy is huge!

Another bath for the puppy. She was dirty. :)

Dad, Sam, and I picked cherries

Riley watched and ate cherry pits


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Lambs, Turkeys, Broilers

My garden is in serious need of weeding.

I've got about 3/4 of it weeded, but still have a ways to go. :)

I got two little lambs. Girl is on the left and boy is on the right. 
Name suggestions?

Dad eating one of the first strawberries from the patch this year!

Almost ready for the broilers/meat bird chicks I am getting from :)

My turkeys are getting so big!

Chicks arrived!

Aw! <3

Josh built me this mobile chicken pen. :) He is amazing!!

Sweet nieces! <3

I got 50 more broiler chicks

Love the little yellow fluff balls!

We had a nice morning at Sweet Joy :)

Isn't she cute?

Poor little guy! I did get him out unscathed!

The broiler pens get dirty SO fast!

Getting big!

Emmie just cleaned her car... :P