Monday, August 22, 2016

No Electricity Week Part Four

Kitchen staples

Sam and KK killed a pigeon and cooked some of the meat. 
They ate it and said it was very good!

Sam cooking it

I made some strawberry short cake. It tasted smokey which was a bit strange, but it was edible. One thing that amazes me is how after a while you just don't taste the smoke anymore. Or at least not as bad. :)

For a fun thing to do we took Brie, Grace, and Sam swimming.

On our last day we had a cook out with our families. We had ice-cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and salad. It was yummy!

Making ice-cream

A table full of food!

A sad day... breaking camp!
We were sad, but glad at the same time! :)

No Electricity Week Part Three

Sammy was bringing some fabric scraps to burn in our fire. :)

Grace helping me snap green beans.

Bannock and baked beans were a big part of our diet. By lunchtime we would be SO hungry because we weren't able snack much.

Our money box is looking rather empty!

Brie and I making lunch

One evening all of us had a shadow play which was a LOT of fun! We invited our families out to watch the little guys act (I did not act...).

Behind the scenes!
As you can see we put up two sheets and then shined a flashlight on the back of the sheets.

Rolled oats, apples, and honey add some water and boil till it is the desired consistency.
It was SO SO good! The little guys even ate it!

Dishing up the oatmeal

We also made some Irish tea, which Sam is drinking

KK and Grace doing morning chores.

Sam told me that he's taking a break in this picture... hummmm... :)

Brie sweeping the floor, which we tried to do every day.

Wash Day!
Here we are getting water hot so the clothes would get more clean. :)

I really enjoyed wringing out the clothes. :)

The 'Lady of the House' supervising our work. :)

Oh yuck!!

Watson is the kitten on the right. Isn't he cute?

Many hands make light work!

Making lunch! It was so hot out!

Starving children! 

I made biscuits and sausage gravy 

Oh dear... I tried! The little guys were good sports and just ate the tops off.

This one is a little better

Another 'family' picture, I love the look on KK's face!

No Electricity Week Part Two

Our whole experiment lasted from Monday, July 8, 2014 - Saturday, July 13, 2014

"Grocer! Grocer!"

Here is a grocery list with prices for you to see. :)

1 pound apples $0.10
1 pound roast $0.18
1 pound bread $0.05
1 pound butter $0.27
1 pound chicken $0.13
1/4 pound tea $0.04
1 dozen eggs $0.23
1 pint milk $0.06
1 pound flour $0.07
1 pound sugar $0.06

Emmie was the official grocer, butcher, and baker. She did a great job!

Beans, noodles, brown sugar, butter, and chicken liver & heart was what we got for that day. I think Grace got some chocolate to share with everyone. It was EXPENSIVE!! :) Thank you Grace!

KK was very good at working the fire.

More wood. :)

We had to chop the wood so it could fit in our fire and to have kindling.

Boiling water to do dishes. We had oat meal for breakfast, which everyone pronounced as really yummy.

This is where I spent a lot of time. It was hot but fun work. :) Can you see the Walmart bags full of green beans and the bowls? We picked green beans again that morning for some more money, and so now our job was to snap them. A job that everyone dreaded (well, not me, I enjoy doing it)!

This was our water source for washing clothes, dishes, hands and for cooking sometimes. We got our drinking and most of our cooking water from in the house.

Grace scrubbed Nate's pants that were covered in drywall mud and got $0.02.

Grace and I washing muddy green beans. I can't remember how much we got paid for this...

Brie and Sam also washed green beans. :)

We invited Aunt Carol for lunch. :) Lunch was biscuits and stew made with carrots, potatoes, chicken, water, onion powder, chicken base, salt, pepper, and basil. It was so yummy! Grace and I made it together.

See our chairs?? Grace's rocked, Sam's was a log on a stool, Brie's was two logs on top of each other, KK and Aunt Carol has stools, and I was on a log and a little chunk of wood. :)



Bed time! The little guys thought that candles and lamps were so much fun. For me, it was at times stressful! 
"Please DON'T walk around with candles!!!"

Night, night!