Tuesday, February 5, 2019

January 26-27th

Goodbye to the beach house! Will miss you! <3

Tunnels are fun! :P

These ships were HUGE! I mean HUGE!

This BasePro Shop was huge too!

Joseph got to ride in Emmie's car

Hurray! Getting closer to home!


We arrived home safe and sound, praise the Lord! <3

January 25th

Standing all alone, outside the beach house. 

Kelsey, Virginia, and Grace were making these things.

This was a fun store. Very expensive though! :)

WE got some of them. Pretty good, except for the hammerhead shark and lamb. :D

Back to try the dessert. :P

Josh's ice cream...

Emmie's cake

My ice cream 

All of us. <3

January 24th

This place was very nice! If you like strong coffee you'll like their place!

Waiting for our coffee

I can't remember what this was... :)

Right beside the coffee shop was a doughnut shop. They had TONS of interesting doughnuts. :)

After we got our coffee some of us went to see a lighthouse in Florida on the Pensacola Naval Air Station base. It was fun!

Had to go through a security check point

The lighthouse!!

This was at the bottom of the lighthouse. Guess people loose their flip-flops while climbing up the lighthouse stairs.

Only some of us made it to the top as it was a little too high for some people. I felt bad for them, because the view at the top was AMAZING!!

Looking up!

Looking out one of the windows.

There were no hand railings on the outside of the stairs. The tour guide at the top of the lighthouse said that they would carry 5 gallon buckets of oil up the stairs every 2 hours! They said that in the daytime he would put up curtains and clean the lens/reflector. They had to put up curtains because the Florida sun was SO bright!

From up top you can see 

Those of us who made it to the top. It was COLD up there!

Pretty houses

Massive hotels!

Go-Karts! It was really fun! Brie drove me around. :P

Back to the Sunliner Diner for lunch!

Candied bacon

Sub sandwich



Daddy made us an amazing dinner!

Look at all that food!