Thursday, July 30, 2020

Chicks Hatching

They've started pipping!


Took these babies out

Just hatched!

First drink

Soaking up the "sun"

I love this one! So unique!

All of them went to their forever homes last week. :)

Monday, July 20, 2020

Puppies, Dentist, and Farm Life

My precious girl 

Brie brought her puppies to Church

So precious


At the creek again!

My dentist appointment went well, praise the Lord! I used to get so nervous going to the dentist, but the Lord provided me with an amazing dentist who is very kind and gentle. They have done a lot of work on my teeth and I am so grateful! I am not nearly so nervous going to the dentist now. 

Waiting for Mom at the park

A chicken McGriddle with cheese

Carmel Frappe

Got home and had to do the chores in the sun. I was sweating SO bad! 

Happy birds!

That evening I watered the grass a little

Looking at the turkeys

These two sweeties. <3

Helping me collect eggs

My ducks are getting big! I named the Pekin duck Timmy. :) The other two don't have names yet.

Still no name for this guy. Any suggestions?

One of my broilers died, it was still safe to eat so Dad cooked it down for us.

Patrick and Riley

2,050# of feed

KK put some bigger bolts on this chicken tractor. It is WAY easier to move! Thank you KK!

Filling the waters


Playing in the hose

Rainbow eggs

Mixing and eating beans

Clean turkey pen

Cleaning up the yard a bit...

Burning the trash pile

Look at that cute chick!

Drawing some pictures

I woke up to find Riley sleeping under my bed skirt


All wet!

Eating his grain