Friday, March 25, 2016

News Flash!

Talitha is pregnant!
I am so excited and am praising the Lord! She should have her calf around November 28, 2016!
Now my prayer is that she carries the calf full term and doesn't miscarry it. :) In a few months I might have the vet use his ultrasound machine on her. Then we would be able to tell if it is a bull or heifer!!

The Test Results

Daddy Bull

Mommy Cow (KK took this picture)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Emmetsburg, IA

Some of us have been wanting to go to Emmetsburg, IA, which is an Irish town, for quite some time. Yesterday Gram, Mom, Emmie, and I finally went. It was an enjoyable day. We had fun. :)
Here is a little history on Emmetsburg (taken from Wikipedia),
"The town was originally settled by immigrants during the Irish potato famine between 1845 and 1852. Emmetsburg was named after the Dublin-born Irish nationalist Robert Emmet,[7][8] who was executed at 25 for leading an 1803 rebellion against the British. The city was incorporated on November 17, 1877.[9]"

Coffee and an Oreo cheese cake filled doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts

Emmie and I



Irish Gifts store

Hehe! :)

So true!

This reminded me of Josh, KK, Ben, and T.J.

We also stopped at a bake shop. They had yummy baked goods!

A&W for lunch! It's fun to go to a restaurant that makes you feel like you're stepping back in time. :)

Crispy Chicken sandwich and french fries. Root Beer is a must if you go to A&W. :)

Mom and Emmie

There was a beautiful lake right in the town.

A railroad crossed the lake here. It was really windy but BEAUTIFUL!

This is my dream house!

Another view

I'm doing some research on my Grandma Grice's Mother's side. This is my great, great Grandfather. :)

Home Alone

Well, almost! :) My whole family went to a Bible school in Welman, IA, except for Sam and I. It was very quiet, but we had an enjoyable time.
I made these doughnuts before everybody left. They were so good!!

Getting all prettied

We sold all but one of our old hens. It's nice to not have to do their chores anymore.

Mister Bull :) He just left today (03-17-16). Hopefully we'll have a calf in November!!

The manure pile

Sam and I played the game of 'Life'

School must be done! Plus eating, drinking, and snacking.

Some of our chickens got mites so I washed this hen in hot soapy water and vinegar. Plus I dipped her feet in canola oil and garlic. Hopefully that helps!

Sam and I sat at the island, coloring, and listening to stories almost every night. :)

This reminded Sam of Josh.

Naughty naughty! Coffee before your 16 (a family tradition)!

Mister Bull, again

Sam colored this picture of "Watson"

Poor guy all tuckered-out!

Sam was a big help to me!

Mister Monkey (Sam's little buddy)

Doing crossword puzzles in bed, while listening to a story.

I made some cottage cheese. Josh said it was very good!

All done! Looks pretty good, I think.

Daddy got us a bunch of snacks and fun food/drink stuff. These pizzas were a big blessing, as we cleaned houses almost every day that week.

Yum, yum

The little guys wanted to have bannock and baked beans over my brick oven/stove. So they started the fire and I made their the food. Then they started pitting ashes on their faces. I'm not sure who started it. :)





Black eyes and a mustache, boy oh boy!

Josh built this trailer. Isn't he amazing??

Another angle

Sam making his breakfast


The chickens :)

Sammy helped me wash jars :) Which can be a big job!