Saturday, February 15, 2020

Pie, Eggs, and Smiles

She often sleeps like this and I have smacked her in the head on accident while pushing the stools in!

So cute!

My view 

We had a mouse in the house! Riley is waiting for it to come back! :D

Dirty dog!

Made Dad a cheesy bacon broccoli dinner

Got myself a live trap!

And a folder for all my paperwork

Dad's lunch

One of our cleaning people got a new puppy. Isn't he cute??

He wanted out so badly!

Got another coffee :)

And some goldfish for Sam and I

I also got Riley a new toy

Poor hens, their water froze, so they were very thirsty!

Pretty eggs

Double yolkers and pullet eggs

Made my first meringue! I think it looks ok? :)

I was so pleased with how it looked!

Sweet Joy, Cleaning, Chores

"Wanna do chores with me?"


I moved my young hens into this cage as it was easier to work with. :)

Plus they have more room

Happy hens!

Look at how dirty she was!!

Which end do you think is her head? :D

Watching the boys cook

What a sweet face! <3 <3

For Christmas gifts Mom gave all of us gift cards to Sweet Joy. So we came here after Nate and Gin moved. :)

Eating whipped topping

Ready to go do chores! :D

Sleepy little John <3

Hauling feed

I'm not sure why the hens lay in this corner?

They have this lovely nesting box to use!

Oh well! :D

Alaina and Elarie's Birthday Party

Avery (hope I spelled your name right!) made the cake and cookies

Aren't they cute?

<3 <3

Sweet little family

Opening her gifts