Wednesday, October 30, 2019

September 6th, 2019 Ireland Trip

Breakfast of champions

Ireland's famously big spoons

"Annie Moore (January 1, 1877 - 1923) was the first immigrant to the United States to pass through the Ellis Island facility in New York Harbor. She departed from Cobh, County Cork, accompanied by her brothers Phillip and Anthony, aboard the steamship Nevada on January 1, 1892, her fifteenth birthday."

Cohb Heritage Center

This is a beautiful museum for the Titanic, famines, and other amazing historic events.

When you go through the museum they give you a name card. As you go through the museum you will find your person along with the part they played in history. 

I think this was Emmie... if I remember right she ended up being a pirate. :D

Look at all those guys!! :O

This story made all of us laugh!

I did not know this!

This story gets you right in the heart!

Brie, Mom, and I were 'on' this ship

I believe this was 'Brie'


The Captain 'I' saved

This mirror has tricked me every time I have visited the museum! I'm always like 'Oh cool' and 'Oh, someone is there, better move!' :D 

The mirrors made this room look lots bigger

Their beds were so short! Even my feet would be hanging off!

A photo booth! :)
The first time we went in the booth wasn't on, but it still ate Brie's money. :D We waited a little longer and they turned it on so we tried again!

We all crammed into it! It was so fun!

Waiting for the pictures to print.

It worked!!

Having fun!

We went up to this church, but we had to pay to look around inside, so we decided to leave.

My legs! They have so many stairs in Ireland!

Getting higher!

We then went to visit St. Colmans Church which has 49 bells

Beautiful views!

Nice bathroom

Got some more McDonalds!

Rock of Cashel built between 1235-1270 AD in Tipperary, Ireland

Walking around the base of it...

A recently restored area. This is the oldest part of Cashel and used to be the chapel.

Brie and I enjoying the view

Trying to get a good picture :)

<3 <3

Inside the monk's house (I think?)

St. Patrick's Cross 12th Century

Emmie looking picture perfect like she almost always does!

Got a few gifts from the gift shops at the bottom of Cashel.

We then walked to the Hore Abbey. It is so beautiful! I would highly recommend going to see it as it is just a short walk away from Rock of Cashel

Walking back to our car. Usually you can park a lot closer to the Abbey, but they were working on the road so we had to walk through the pasture.

On our way home we stopped to just enjoy the view. 

Sheep! :)

Leftovers for dinner!

Their KitKats taste different than ours. Not as sweet or intense. More mellow in flavor. I didn't really care for them. 

Walked WAY more than I usually do (my phone classifies me as sedentary)!