Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Day at the Creek

This is the creek we filmed our movie at.

KK got some good drone videos. You can watch them on his YouTube channel 'Random Iowan'.

Grace, Molly, and I 

Planted tomatoes

I also planted peppers and carrots

Green beans (Grace and I planted them)


Emmie and I got some doughnuts 

I made some spicy brown sugar pork chops for supper

Fried potatoes too

KK and I got some more chicks. :)

Enjoying some 'sunshine'

Bottle Feeding the Lambs

Grace took this picture

Iced Coffee


I can't remember if Grace or I took this picture. :D

Mom and I delivered some chicks to a lady and on our way home we got some breadsticks and ice-cream 

The potatoes are coming up