Monday, August 31, 2015


After much thought, I have decided to sell Buster. :( He is a Jersey so that means he won't produce much meat for us. So I have him on Craigslist. Poor Sam is sad we have to sell him, but it's for the best. I hope to get an Angus bull calf and raise it for our family to eat next winter. A sad thought, but that is what farm life involves. Give them a good life while they are here. That's my motto for livestock!
So here are some pictures of our sweet little man.

Jumpin' around!

Sweet buddies

Learning to walk on a lead.

He weighs 67# :)

Learning to drink from a bucket of water.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tomatoes and Potatoes

Emmie and I cut up tomatoes to freeze. When it gets cold out (I know, cold already???) I'll make pizza sauce. Thank you Kelsey for raising and picking them! Your amazing!!

I listened to Eric Ludy preach, you can listen to his messages here, if you want to be challenged!

Tomatoes, tomatoes


We also scrubbed potatoes! LOTS of them! :) We finished "putting them up" on Monday. We were just too tired to finish them on Saturday.

Mom thought there were about 50# of them. KK thinks there were 60-70#. :) All I know is that without Emmie's help I would have been at it WAY longer! I have an amazing sister!

Emmie switching out potatoes

Dresses are so handy!

Yucky potatoes and dead wasps. :) :)

Ahhhh... ipad, flyswatter, and potatoes.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Calf's Name...

By the way, we named the calf Buster. :) :)


Talitha has been giving us two gallons of milk a day. So so we decided to make some butter. :) Sam was so excited!

A storm that went over us. It was really neat!

Sam took the storm pictures. :)

Cream! It's sooooo yellow!

You'd think by that look the blender would do anything for him!!


Emmie took this picture

Store bought and homemade. Wow.

Emmie made a Tollhouse pie. It is so rich!

Bad chickens keep getting out. :(

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Praise the Lord we have lots of milk!!!
Here are some pictures!
We milked Talitha every morning and evening and this is the first time we got this much. :) Praise the Lord!!!

Sam holding up a half gallon of milk.

We are bottle feeding the calf with Talitha's milk so that we can get her to let down her milk for us.

Feeding the calf. :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

A CALF!!!!

Look what showed up!

1:00 Sam and I went out to check on Talitha
1:30 Sam went inside and I stayed out to just observe her
1:47 her water broke
2:00 I went inside to tell the house that TALITHA'S WATER BROKE!!! And KK came outside to watch with me.
2:54 the we saw FEET!
Emmie came out sometime around here
4:34 the calf was born!!
Mom came out sometime around here
5:31 he was standing up on his own!
6:45 he had his first meal
7:42 he was trying to jump :)

Name to be announced! :)

It's a boy!! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Potatoes and Green Beans

Yesterday Sam, KK, and I dug potatoes and pulled green bean plants. It was a lot of work but we got it done!!

We got one and a half wheel barrows of potatoes.

We dug most of the potatoes with a trowel.

A row of potatoes

We only hilled them once then covered them with hay. It worked so good! Most of the potatoes were right on top.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! These bugs loved the potato plants.

Sam digging (thank you, Sam!)

A potato!

A nice big one!!

The green beans!

The boys having fun. KK saw a big spider. :)

This was taken yesterday and today she has even more milk!! Hurray!!

Can you see the calf move?? So cute!!!