Saturday, December 17, 2016


I have wanted to say "Hello" for a long time to all the people who are silently following my blog. It just fascinates me that I get blog views from Ireland, France, Russia, USA, ENGLAND, Australia, Poland, Ukraine, Singapore, and many other places. I really appreciate your interest and would love, love to get a comment from you, telling me a little about yourself and how you found my blog.
May you have a blessed Christmas and New Years! Thank you again for stopping by my blog!

A little bit of everything

Gram, Mom, Emmie, Aunt Carol, Brie, and I went to a bridal shower for a friend of ours. :) This cupcake was good!

Discussing our trip to Texas. :)

Sometimes it gets crazy at family meetings! :P

Oh cuteness!! Love you!

Look at her hair!

Katelyn, looking at "You Can do it, Sam"

Me, heading out to take care of the animals

Sam came out with me, it was cold!

I made sugar cookies for the children to decorate. Katelyn and Joseph helped me cut them out. :)




A snake showed up in the basement. I was not very pleased about that! This is the second time it's happened. Emmie took it outside, but...

It was a little too cold out there for it...

Poor thing!! I don't like snakes, but I still felt bad for it.

I made the guys these Glazed Pork Chops 

Our own home grown pig

And our own homegrown potatoes

I used gloves because the salt hurts my fingers. :)

Look at that! The guys were gathered around the counter saying 'When will they be done? Do they have to go into the oven?'. :D
We also had green beans and the potatoes

Gus playing in the snow


Mom, Emmie, and I went Christmas shopping in Omaha. It was fun!

It started to snow while we were there, so we turned on some Christmas music and enjoyed the festive feeling in the air!

Opal climbing a ladder

The chickens are growing nicely!

Talitha, Bodie, and Gus :)

Isn't he CUTE??

Gus, one day old

Gus, two weeks and five days old :) He is so big!

Sam and I went outside to take pictures of the cattle. It was cold, but fun!

Sam took some of these pictures :)

Bodie looks like a big woolly bear! He is seven and a half months old. :)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Milked Talitha again

Filter is clean!

I only milked the two back and one front quarter, but I still got 1.25 gallons!

Josh wrapped electrical tape around a Garmin car charger to plug one of the inflations. It worked really well! I was really pleased with it! Did I ever say that I have an amazing brother??

Friday, December 9, 2016

Vet Visit!

Talitha and Gus went to Southern Hills Veterinary Services in Corning, IA . They were very nice and best of all, it didn't cost us an arm and a leg!! :)
We borrowed the trailer from a friend. :)

Sweet little Gus is now a steer and up to date on all his shots

Talitha on the hoof trimming table

She really hated it, but it had to be done. The lady in the picture was the vet's assistant. The vet's name was Ryan. :)

Josh got us some breakfast from Casey's. :)

My breakfast pizza


Look at those feet!! They look SO much better!

Cute little Gus

He's a little chunk :P