Tuesday, November 19, 2019

September 16th, 2019 Ireland Trip

Headed to Dublin today!

Final group picture

This made us laugh, :D

The van hardly fit in this parking garage!

We first stopped to get some McDonalds. :) This place was crazy big and very high tech!

Dublin Town Center

Getting on the Hop on Hop Off bus

Christ Church Cathedral 

Waiting for the bus, again :D

This church was amazing!! I would highly recommend it! Although it was quite a walk from the bus stop. :)

Crypts!! They were SO neat and our guid was really good!

There were bodies stacked on bodies!

Waiting for the bus

There was only standing room so we stood in the stairway. 

The driver started before Aunt Carol could hold onto something and she almost fell. We were laughing so hard!

These were really good, but would be have been way better fresh!

Back in our cute little town. :)

Emmie, Brie, and I went to the grocery store and got a ton of food, because we were SO hungry!

This was really good!