Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Buffalo Chicken Croissant Roll-up and Little Buddy

Emmie made a yummy Buffalo Chicken Croissant roll-up!

All done! It was spicy, but still good!

Mom and I hilled the potatoes yesterday.

Little Buddy having his breakfast. :)

We separate Talitha and Buddy over night so that we can get milk in the morning.

Mister Rooster #1 with all his hens

This rooster lost his toes to frost bite. But he is a very sweet guy. Although rooster #1 chases him around. :(

The cats ran out of food, so Opal kept coming back to the cat food container trying to tell me that I needed to feed her. Poor girl!

Pigs :)

Don't you just love their chewing? Hehe!

It rained a little last night and it makes the garden look so good!

Our corn has had a lot of trouble coming up this year. :(

Carrots, beets, and onions are doing very good! I prayed the the Lord would help them to grow well this year, and He's answered my prayer! What an awesome God I serve!!

Little Buddy or Bodie

"What's so good about this stuff, mommy?"

Getting kisses from mommy, which he only likes for a little bit.

I think he was looking at me and/or Opal who was close by.

A Day at the Rock Cut

Saturday was a perfect day for a walk to the Rock cut! My cousins Ben, Brie, and Grace, Shawn a Church friend, Emmie, Josh, KK, and Sam plus me all went. It was a lot of fun! KK and Ben gave Emmie lessons on how to throw rocks (because Emmie and I both throw like girls. :( ). We all tried to throw rocks with our left hand (Ben with his right). It was so funny! The boys couldn't get the rocks very far at all and they went every which way! We skipped rocks, looked for fossils, took pictures, and just had a jolly good time!

The rock cut was VERY flooded because of all the rain.

The big sand bar is almost not there.

Here there is usually an area with big flat stones, but it is all covered with fast moving water.


This tree root grew through the rocks, but then the rocks eroded and left this amazing picture of strength and endurance. A reminder from God to NEVER give up! Sometimes we have to go through a lot to get to the sweet waters of Salvation!

Brie and Sam :)

I challenged Josh to pick this rock up. :)

A bever dammed this little stream up and created a small pond.

A little brother, Sam (I love this guy so much!!)

Ben and KK being silly with some flowers they found.

This was the next day.
I just loved how the sunbeams were shining through the fog and leaves. It gave me great peace just looking at it. Jesus is so faithful! Oh to be a faithful servant to Him!

Talitha LOVES this little guy! The boys call him Bodie (bow-dee) but I call him Buddy, which is pretty close. :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Storm, creek, and walking

This was an amazing storm that passed by us. It was very pretty!

Emmie, KK, and I decided to take a walk even though a storm was brewing. After a bit Emmie wanted to turn back so we would't get rained on. :)

KK being KK. :D 
And no, he is not that tall. :) Emmie was just a little behind him so he looks bigger.

This is a creek near us. It was very full because of all the rain we've had recently.

Sam and KK, I love these two!

A Mother's Day Porch!

Dad, Ben, Josh, KK and Sam built Mommy a porch for Mother's Day. It turned out very well!

But first, a few cute pictures :) 

Sam and Katelyn

What a face!!


Decking material 

Supporting the roof so they can removing the pillars...

Putting down the floor boards.

Thank you Ben (my cousin) for helping us! Your a blessing!

New supports for the porch.


Almost done!

All done! Look at that! Good job guys!

Ryan, T.J. (another cousin), Sam, Josh, and KK all worked on these dormers. Don't they look nice??