Monday, January 25, 2016

Ancestry work

I thought you all might enjoy seeing some of what Gram and I work on when we have an 'Ancestry Day'. I hope I have the dates right. :)

This is a Church in Cappawhite, Tipperary, Ireland, where we think Gram's great-grandfather, Cornelius O'Brien, was baptized. He was born January 3, 1849.

May of 1854
Phillip born to Phillip O'Brien and Bridget Quinlan

Denis born to Phillip O'Brien and Bridget Quinlan
December 24,1843

Phillip O'Brien and Bridget Quinlan were married on February 20, 1843


You can visit the websites we were using here,

Animals, butter, and a quiet weekend

I really need to get some better pictures of them. :)

The pigs love it when I put hay in their pen!

Me all bundled up!

Talitha eating

Watson getting warm and spoiled on my lap

Opal eating

A spot few people see
Talitha has a cute white patch on her trunk/belly. :)

Butter balls
I made butter from over a gallon of cream and got 2.5# of butter, I think.

I like to use a 1oz (2 tbsp) ice cream scoop so I have an exact measurement.
I wrap four scoops (1/2 c. or 8 tbsp) of butter in saran/plastic wrap, then put it into a gallon baggie, and finally freeze it.
Simple, but really easy to break apart after it's frozen. They look pretty too.

1/2 of a pound

All done!

Daddy with some stuffing
This weekend everyone went to a wedding in WY, except for Dad and I, so we got to spend a nice quiet weekend together. :)

Daddy made us a special supper of green beans, stuffing, and pork chops. I told him that every pork chop I had eaten was tough, so he made them very tender!

My Daddy! <3 <3

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A wash station!!

My dear brothers built me a wash sink in the basement. Please ignore how bad the basement looks. It was flooded before we moved in and we just have not had the opportunity to get all the wall boards/paneling and ceiling tiles taken down.

Look at this old sink! I think if you cleaned it up it still would work! :P

This is too far gone, in my opinion

Loading up the sink


Josh and Sam built the sink.

A little while later...

Bang! Isn't it nice??

We (more like, Josh) still have to put up some hooks and shelves

But I already like it! It's my own little 'kitchen'! :)

I also got a shop-vac to clean my milker with.

I took these pictures this morning. :)
Five pigs


Opal and Watson


Cleaning the barn

I had some Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate. It was so good!!

On this day I cleaned a house for three hours, the barn, then another place for an hour. All together I walked 9,000 some steps (from what my phone says) which is about 4.5 miles! I could feel it at the end of the day.
There was a day here recently that the temperature rose above freezing so we were able to clean out the barn. It needed it really, really bad!

Also the water tank thawed so I had Sam get all the ice and water out then wash it. Thanks, Sam!

Look at that mess!

The barn holds water really good. :( So it never really gets dry in the winter. In Summer it does.

Look at that ice! Use your muscles Sam!

Anyone need some compost?

All done!

Look at that! Great work Sam!

Much better

The sunset was so pretty (I know I'm facing east). :)

Widows and Widowers Luncheon

Our Church decided to put on a luncheon for the widows and widowers around us as a ministry and to bless them. It was fun, but also a lot of work!

Brie, Valeria, and I worked on this board for about two or three hours. We put it in our Church window so that people walking or driving by can read it. We try to put a new verse on it every month. But sometimes it doesn't happen. :)

Joseph my little nephew is playing with a broom

Working on name tags to put by each widows/widower's plate

Katelyn, my niece

So pretty

Setting the tables

Dad instructing people on what to do (he used to be a chief, so he is very good with food and being the boss).


Mandarin oranges

Cream puffs


I helped Daddy with the gravy

Dad instructing the servers

 All the servers :)
Almost all of the youth served the food. The rest of us worked in the background (I was a background person).

Lots of dishes!

My Dad on the right, with one of our Church members Don, on the left

The little children at Church love Mom. :)