Thursday, January 16, 2020

December 2019

When you aren't feeling good this little girl is so comforting. <3

We got a new stove! It is so nice! Our other stove we had for about 20 years! It served us well, but we needed a new one.

We had our community soup dinners

Hot Chocolate on a cold day

We went to sing for one of Gram's dear friends and afterward we ate a Cracker Barrel. It was nice!

Sam fixing Riley's dress :D

Sleepy girl!

Beautiful eggs!

Sweet Joy!

Family is so precious!

New sweater!


After Christmas caroling for a few nursing homes we all went out to eat. It was so nice!

Chicken Parmesan 

I had a dentist appointment and after I was done I walked down to this park. It was beautiful!

I also got some coffee after, which helped my sore mouth. <3

Sleeping with Grandpa

Isn't her dress adorable? 

She loves her squeaky pig

Family gathering

Caramel popcorn

Food all ready!


One of my home grown turkeys :)
If you are interested in one please go to my website 

Christmas math

Listening to Grandma

Sleeping in the kitchen while I cook


Lots of towels!

Watching Sam take the trash out

Katelyn and Alaina got a kitten for Christmas 

My Christmas puppy

A gift to me from a sweet little neighbor. <3

We like to have creme brûlée's for Christmas Eve

Perfect! Good job Emmie!

Our Christmas brunch 

So much food!

Her eyes get me every time!

We took Riley to Atlantic with us. She was pretty nervous, but did good for only doing this once in a while. :)

All tired out!