Thursday, April 11, 2019


Mom, Aunt Carol, Brie, Emmie and I all painted a house together. Sam came along because he had to. :) He ended up being helpful. :D

Isn't this baby cute? His hair is so precious!


Opal and Watson

Some of us girls went on a walk along the Nishnabotna River

It was very nice!

Anyone know what these are? They looked like sweet potatoes!

Does anyone know what kinda fish this is?

After the walk we went to Casey's to get dinner and ice cream

Oh spring is so so pretty!

I got turkeys this week! So excited! Aren't they cute?

They're so curious! 

More baby chicks!

Rock Cut and Chicks

I got 3 Ameraucana chicks

Tree stand

With all the rain the river overflowed a ton!

Family and Baby Shower

Driving around with Emmie

And Josh :)

I get about 35 eggs a day. They add up very quick!!

A soft egg! Not sure why this one was soft. They get plenty of calcium.

Sweet Joy

Grace got new glasses! We were all crammed into the little ranger truck!

Black Sex Link chicks

Rhode Island Red and Production Red chicks


Snacks with family

Sweet John

Sweet Joy with all the ladies except Alaina :)

Katelyn was so excited to come!

An Irish burrito

John and Patrick

Yum yum!

Mom and I went to my cousins baby shower. We had to stop and get some coffee first! :P

Some of us went to Pizza Ranch

Precious family!