Saturday, March 17, 2018

Youth Night

We had a youth night. There was pizza and a little bit of pop. :)

A week or so before Bible school almost all of us girls went on a search for some fabric that we could match in. :)

Playing with puppets. :P


We found some lovely fabric to match in. :) Here we are at Church cutting out our dresses.

Sweet Kids

Mom, Emmie, Katelyn, and I all went to town together. It was fun. :)

Katelyn said "This is the biggest fry I have seen in my life!"

Yummy coffee cake! :P

Look at those eyes! Isn't Patrick cute?

Nate and Patrick

Mom and Joseph made no-bake-cookies together

Emmie make pumpkin scones



Katelyn in her pjs Mom got her. ;)

Alaina and me

Katelyn loves to dress up in 'wedding' clothes

Look at this baby! <3 <3

T.J.'s Birthday+

T.J. turned 25! Crazy how fast we are all growing up!

Shrimp and Alfredo 

Sweet Patrick

The best tea in the world (at least, as far as I know!)!