Friday, July 23, 2021

Donuts and Flowers

Made donuts

KK helped, thanks buddy!

Eye candy

Pullet eggs

Her eyebrow is healed

Gotta be close to me!

Got a nightstand for my room!

Poor puppy got an infection from a shot.

Snuggles with Sam

A Scooters stop to get coffee and a pup-cup

My bed set. Can't wait until I have my own room!

More hot drinks!


I found these on Facebook and I am SO thankful! I got them for a very very good price. KK drove almost all the way to Kansas City to get them with me. God is so so good! 

I got him some cookies and coffee as a mini thank you.

KK got Emmie and I some flowers for Valentines Day. <3

It's so cold!

Ok, this is too cold.

A fireplace is a must!

Cold puppy!

Littles over. :)

A vacuum for Church!

Ice cream. Because, why not? We're cold anyway, right?

Are you tired of Riley pictures?

Some hens that got too cold

A little chick that got too cold.

Heat lamps are a MUST!

Cold ladies!

See how the poop is frozen? When it's this cold, I can't even clean their pens. It is completely frozen.

Ice from frozen waters

Snow, snow, snow

A sweet customer gave me this jacket. Isn't it cute?

Coffee is a good way to start the day. :)

Riley found and cornered this opossum. Good girl!

Happy birds!

Isn't she pretty?

Got a bunch of heat lamp bulbs for a great price! God is good!

Road trip!

This was SO good! It was a creme brûlée on a pancake. 

Mom and I split it. :)

Watching the snow fall

The garage gets a snow drift inside almost every winter. 

Just in from chores and getting the mail. :)


Chicken pot pie or shepherds pie. :)

Mini snowdrift in Church. :O

She loves this toy

My new mattress! 

Doing more HiSET stuff. I am so ready for it to be done!