Friday, July 23, 2021

Butcher Day

Beautiful sunrise!

Ready to go everyone?

Look how pretty these birds are!

Turkeys all loaded up.

At Duncan's and slowly unloading birds

Silly toms!

Duncan's is an amazing place! Love them!

If you covered the turkey's eyes, they would calm down. Avery Smith came along, just for fun. :)

Look at this big boy. So pretty!

The sky was so blue!


All done!


Love reviews like this! Thank you!

Chicken noodle soup

Fluffy, clean puppy

What are you doing?!? Silly girl!

Chewing on a syringe 

Pretty ducks. They drink/spill two five gallon buckets of water a day.

Brushed all the cockleburs out of his hair

Lookin' good!

Look at all that hair!


Daddy made me some French toast and bacon. <3 Thank you, Daddy!

Some more baby chicks! It never gets old! 

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