Wednesday, March 29, 2017


We got to Duncan's Poultry around 6:20 p.m. and found out that the chicks would not be there for another 19 minutes or so. 

So they loaded the feed into the truck and we waited!

Finally around 7 we got our chicks and left. :)

We got 150 broilers. 50 were for Aunt Carol. :)

Neither of us had had dinner so we got Taco John's around 8 o'clock at night. :)

Josh did a great job driving. :)

We got home at 8:40. Nice and late. :P All but one chick was healthy. The one little chick had to be put down. :(

KK and I putting the chicks into their pen

We like to dip their beaks into the water, so they know where it is. :)

Don't you just love KK's voice? :D


Gram turned 79 on Sunday! She is such an amazing Grandma! I love her more than words can express! She has always been excited with me, no mater what it was! Even if it was the first carrot that came up in the garden! When others would have just wished you luck, she was willing to pray for my sick animals. She is such a servant too. Always serving her friends. Even people she doesn't know. I can only imagine the reward she has in Heaven! If I could be half as caring and faithful as her, I would be happy!
I love you, Gram! 

My chickens are still not too sure about the new coop. :)

My little hens

And some pictures of Gus. :)

New chicks and a chicken coop!

I was a Orscheln Farm and Home and of course I had to take a look at the chicks they had. Well these girls were on sale for $1.00 (for 21) and $1.50 (for 5 because they were older, I think) so I got 26 little hens for WAY less than if I had ordered them online! I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with them!

Josh and KK built me an outdoor run for my big hens and rooster. :)

They did an amazing job didn't they? It rained almost the whole day and we all got pretty wet! Josh got soaked! I am so so glad I have such amazing brothers!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring clean up

My chickens have been staying inside our garage, because I wanted to make sure that the chicken coop was secure before I put them back in! When I went to take them back to their coop, I didn't want to carry them back in my arms so I used this live trap to transport them.

Sweeping out some of the garage. :)

Chicken pen all cleaned out and ready for the broiler chicks!

KK and Sam picked up sticks from the yard and put them in a pile. KK decided to burn them because there wasn't much wind on this day.

Then it started to rain. :) It rained and rained. And rained. :)

Our lilacs are getting ready for spring!!

One of our pine trees cracked open. It was rotten inside. 

Emmie took this picture.

Mom, Emmie, and I took a walk because it was so nice out!

Dirty drain, Sweet Joy, Work, Wedding

KK and Sam cleaned out our upstairs sink. It really needed it as you can see. :P By the way, Emmie and I hardly EVER brush our hair in the bathroom. So I think it was mostly KK's hair. :)

My Grandma, Aunt, cousins, sister, brother, and Mom all went to Sweet Joy, a little coffee shop near us.

KK, cutting boards for fixing up a chicken coop.

I will be needing to replace almost all of the rubber parts on my milker when I get my new cow. :) Which I hope is soon!

We also went to a wedding in Wyoming. :)

Dad and Mom cut the cake...

The happy couple

The bride's Mom, Dad, and sister.

The bridal party :)

Our Church friends in Wyoming made KK this gift as a little blessing because of his blood clots.
Ok, please tell me how to reword that. :)

Oh man! Alaina is so so sweet!



I told KK he should use this to haul manure from the barn. :) :)

I love this!