Thursday, February 25, 2016


Gram, Mom, Emmie, Sam, and I went out to eat at 'Coe Creek Cafe' in Elliot, Iowa. They have excellent food! I highly recommend them! Very big servings and the food tastes very good. I got a Club sandwich with fries.

The pigs ;)

Mister Bull drinks a lot of water!!

So here is our VERY messy basement, BEFORE

And here it is AFTER I organized and cleaned it.

Another messy room, BEFORE




Emmie washed all the downstairs windows and washed the curtains

From left to right, Emmie, Taylor Lowis, Brooke (please help me with the spelling, Aunt Shelly??) Lowis, and I

From left to right, Nate, Josh, me, and Emmie at our Persia, IA house, where I grew up.

Nate with his rooster

Cute little Josh :)

Ryan (12-30-99)

Left to right, Savannah Lowis, Gabby (Lowis) Wagg, and Emmie

Mommy at 19 (taken on her and Daddy's honeymoon in Arizona)

Wheat Bread

All done! It got huge!

This was an interesting story...
"A Mr. Dalton, a baker, of Baston, in Lincolnshire, on Monday last, won a wager of 50l. by carrying, at different times, 500 sacks of flour, 20 yards, each of which weighed 20 stone. He performed it in the course of seven hours and twenty-five minutes, though the time allowed was twelve hours."
-taken from
Twenty stone weighs 280#. So he carried approximately 70 tons of flour and walked about five miles.

A sad story taken from



Waiting to be let back into the barn...

For size comparison. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A bull!

Talitha now has a boyfriend. He is a pure bred Angus that is HUGE!! Josh will be helping me with milking instead of Sam till he (the bull) and I get used to each other. Josh looks more intimidating than me. :) But he is actually a very calm bull. I'm just hoping he stays that way even while she is in heat. We shall see. The person I rented the him from has owned the him all his life, and I think he was also a bottle baby. So he is quite used to people, but not too friendly. :)

Talitha likes him, which is good. She follows him like a little puppy (which is what she looks like when she stands by him).

My milking machine in action...

Milking (it takes about six minutes)

All done!

Strain the milk

Now time for washing...

First just plain old water to rinse everything

Take off the blue clips (the hold the air and milk hose together)

Attach the vacuum hose to the pulsator.

After I've dumped the rinse water, run really hot soapy water though the machine.

An example of how I wipe everything down

I wipe the hoses, bucket, and lid with soap water (and bleach).

Dipping it up and down so that the water splashes around in the milk hose and the bucket.

I always dump the bleach water back into my little red tub and use it to bleach the milk filter, clothes pins, rag tub, and rags/sponge.

This is how I held up my phone to take the videos, I opened my leatherman, which is slightly spring loaded, and put my phone in-between the handles. Worked great!

Drying the bucket

Everything (from the bucket milker) but the bucket hangs form the ductwork by a bungee cord.

Bleaching the rag and sponge

Almost done!

6-N (February 6th, night time milking)

All done!
All of this takes me about a half hour. That's feeding her and cleaning her pen too.

This is the perfect way to pack the empty jars. Annetta (one of my friends) packed these. :)

Alaina Louise Grice

Meet my sweet little niece,

Alaina Louise Grice
Born: February 2, 2016
Weight: 7lb 10oz 
Length: 21"

Waiting to go see her for the first time!

KK and Katelyn

Finally! Ryan, Joseph, and Katelyn lead the way.


Alaina and her Daddy, Ryan

Joseph and his sweet Mommy, Kelsey.

Sisters and Grandma

Alaina and I

The two littles stayed with us while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital. :)

Katelyn loves Grandma's glasses.

And more pictures :)

Look at her hair!

Tiny hands, God's handiwork is amazing!

Kisses from sister